the chapters.



i'm no good with words & sometimes use them in ways that can be unkind.
which brings me to the topic of this post,

i'm growing up. and i'm learning a lot through the journey.
this past week i've been so torn between different decisions, and i've been really hard on myself. but i'm glad i experienced that. 

do you want to know what i've come to realize? 
i knew this before, but didn't ever see it as something so beautiful...
i'm imperfect. so so imperfect. and i'm very hard on myself because of my imperfections. for most of my life, i've seen this as a weakness, and have been so angry with myself to feel like every detail in my life needs to be just that, perfect.
well, i've come to the realization that being hard on myself for my imperfections, is sort of a blessing. i mean, i do somethings that are such small things to get upset over, but in a way, it's truly amazing. because i want to be good. and if i mess up a little, i push myself towards trying again, towards becoming better. i feel like I'm hard on myself because i know of my capabilities. and i really do want to be proud of myself.

so my goal for each of you this week----
find something small or big, about yourself that may hurt, upset, or bother you, and see it as a blessing. be grateful for those little quirks about yourself that make you, well, YOU. 

own it! you're one of a kind. and i'm positive whatever is bothering you about yourself, will come to bless you & make you as happy as ever, later on. 

ps. i'm serious. i'm going to start blogging more. take my word on it.


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kylie lynn said...

Mormon 9:31, exactly what I stumbled across in my scripture study today.