the chapters.


here lies everything i would like to accomplish throughout my life,
also known as a, bucketlist.

tell someone how i feel.
meet david archuleta more than once. (5 times)
do not kiss until sixteen years of age.
become at least 9 shades darker in skin tone.
read the book of mormon. twice.
meet new people.
start reading.
write in my journal every night.
attend a concert or stadium of fire.
have that "perfect" day.
spend the whole day outdoors.
go hunting with the boys.
strengthen someone else's testimony.
spend the whole day with a friend who needs me.
crawdading with the boys.
have a needed heart-to-heart talk with a friend.
be able to do a backhandspring.
long board or bike down the canyon.
take a picture every day for a week.
go to seven peaks at least 20 times.
have a picnic in the park.
walk to walmart for no complete reason.
have an 100th blog post.
help someone have a good day.
do some old fashioned night games.
take a picture of or with a celebrity.
go to the temple.
take a photograph in the rain.
do a cover of me singing on youtube.
have a photo shoot outside the temple.
get out of my comfort zone (make new friends).
go to efy.
serve someone for a whole week.
spend a day in the sun tanning and reading a book.
successfully figure out how to fully comprehend twitter.
run in the rain.
spend a week with someone younger than i.
cheer party.
beverage and halo party, please.
summer night where i will lay on the grass and stargaze.
change for the better.
get straight a's.
pull an all-nighter.
grow my hair out to my belly button.
successfully act like a two year old for a day.
have a night to myself.
have a marathon of high school musical 1, 2 and 3.
try out for the school play.
hang out with someone new every weekend.
walk to walkers after school.
hang out with an old friend.
hold a 'free hug' sign and give out free hugs.
be a friend to all.
sing in front of people.
wear no makeup for a whole week.
fast for a friend.
become good friends with people i wouldn't normally talk to.
to get married in the temple.
go see a movie by myself.
have a day with my guy friends.
blog for a week straight.
have a boy best friend.
write a song.
prayer morning & night.
help someone change for the better.
sing at a wedding.
tell someone how i really feel.
serve a mission.
fall in love (with my spouse, only)
take a lot of pictures.
remember the good times.
run the G.
make new friends (a lot of them)
make my kisses (from now on) mean something.
go to hawaii.
go to italy.

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