the chapters.



well, my birthday is tomorrow. 
and i'll finally be 16. i'm so excited.
but also, i'm really scared. and i couldn't 
really tell you why, but the nerves are 
definitely there. 

a couple days ago, I decided that I was going to read the book of mormon in 13 days, to finish by my birthday. well reading 41 pages a day takes longer than you think, and more concentration. it took me about 2 or more hours a day to read that many pages. and some days, I would wake up late on accident or had to be somewhere and didn't have time for 2 hours. so I kind of started reading less pages a day, something more doable. now I'm left the day before I wanted to finish, and I'm not even close to finishing.
I am so disappointed in myself. but who knows, maybe ill try to finish those few hundred pages (literally) today, and finish my goal, or birthday present to myself. 

well, none the less, I am as happy as ever. and doing good. 

I love my Father in Heaven, and I don't appreciate Him enough. but here is to Him, the one who never left, who listened to my countless prayers, who watched over me when I was scared, who comforted me when I went through a tough time... I am so very grateful I know of Your existence, it has changed my life. 
Thanks for being my best friend, and directing me in my life. I love you. 

also, quick shoutout to my own dad. I don't know guys, he is definitely my best friend. I love him so much and am so grateful I have him in my life. he supports me in everything and is so loving. 

i am very grateful to have two wonderful Father's in my life. and I don't know who I would be without knowing either of them. they are amazing.

happy Sunday. 
remember me when you wake 
tomorrow :) 


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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about finishing the book, if you try to rush it now then you probably won't enjoy it or gain any real message from it. Just take your time and reaaaaaaaally read it. That's better than trying to cram hundreds of pages into a few hours. Trust me, I'm a college student!
I hope you have a good day tomorrow though, enjoy yourself and the day! It's all about you after all :)