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'giving up?'

Seems that in today's world, if you get in a fight with someone or have a disagreement, your friendship is no longer valid. Someone gets 'tired' of you, and they try to back out of your friendship.
Why is that? Why are we all so caught up on thinking once something goes wrong, we can just quit?
Honestly, it really hurts me to see this. Not only have i gone through being dropped as a friend, but now i am watching other people letting go of friendships they could never replace.
I really think telling someone you can't be friends because something is wrong, is so so selfish. You don't even know, nor can you imagine what you put that person through. You're basically telling that person that they're no longer good enough for your life. Their friendship isn't sufficient, it no longer benefits you.
How many times do we look at a friendship, and think, 'this isn't working' or 'they aren't a good friend'
what even is a good friend? Do you even want a good friend, or are you looking for a perfect friend?
I can't even stress enough how important it is to let people know you love them. To let people know their friendship means the world to you, even if at some points they aren't the greatest friend around. Everyone is going through something. That one person you decided to drop as a friend because of one fight, or because their friendship just wasn't benefiting you anymore, could be suicidal. They could be really insecure. Or could have family problems going on, struggling with self discovery.
Just please promise me, that you will never give up on someone. You'll never say 'this isn't working, lets be done'. Don't make anyone else feel like who they are isn't good enough for you.
That is all. Happy Sunday.

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Daisy Flower Torres said...

this post actually made me cry. Love this and love you!