the chapters.


it's going good.

okay, i know i've posted this picture on basically all social network sights. but this is my very best friend. and i'd be lost without her. we are basically the same person. when we are together, all we do is laugh and talk. we are able to communicate in a way i've never been able to talk to anyone else. we can be so serious, and talk about deep and personal things but then seconds later we can burst into laughter or even song. she constantly makes my day. i am happiest when i am around her. wherever we go, people stop us and ask if we are sisters. (which we don't get, because we don't think we look anything alike) and people have even told me many times that we are twins, meaning we act the same. she gets it too. and i honestly believe it. we are both soo happy and so alike in so many ways, while we are able to be our own person. andie madsen is two years younger than me in grade, and a little over a year younger than me in age. but i don't care. she is my perfect friend. she brings out the best in me, and i couldn't be more grateful to her. she has made me who i am. 
i'm so grateful that my heavenly father was generous enough to place someone in my life who is able to understand me so well, and help me so well. 

ps. just a thought, but christmas is exactly 23 days away. 

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