the chapters.


help me?

i need your help.

i need to earn a lot of money in the next couple of weeks.
i already have a job and earn good money every week
from it, but i need to hurry up my process to earn money.

so please, if you have ANY idea of how i can earn $650
by the 2nd week of september, PLEASE let me know.

should i sell clothes?
or old things in my room?

pleassseeeeee help me.

i'm counting on your help.

k thanks.
love you allll.



Daisy Torres said...

you can sell your clothes at platos closet but they don't give you that much..
You could babysit
take peoples pictures
have a yard sale or a bake sale :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

You could go do plasma. You can get paid quite a bit if you do it twice a week.

Sell your clothes on Insta! A lot of my friends have made some pretty good money doin that.

IDK how desperate you are. But maybe you could sell an iPod or something of high demand on KSL.

If it's for a donation or something good cause, ask your friends & family for help! I'd be happy to help you out a little, La!