the chapters.


so I guess

I've decided that I'm really bad at this whole blogging thing
none of my words look good together,
they aren't perfectly placed together.
I don't sound like an amazing writer,
and I never know what to post about.
so hm. maybe ill try something new.
ill try to post more than once a week,
but I will have a topic for each day
- I need to make my life more exciting so I can blog about it, ya feel me?
Mmk. wish me luck babes.
today I joined the lipstick gang

(I feel like such a girl,
and I seriously love it) 


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Anonymous said...

I think everyone has that struggle with blogging! I know I do! You aren't alone! Haha. If you really want topics then you could try doing a blogging challenge :') They're a really good way of getting into the swing of it again! Even if you don't do it every day, you can still pull topics for posts :')

You look babin' in that photo! I really like the color of your lipstick :')