the chapters.



i've decided this blog of mine is bipolar.
the name reads,
all things happy
& yet i post things that makes others question,
"are you okay?"
no no no.
that is not okay, because i sure am okay.
i am beyond okay. i am happy. 
-i am happier than i have been in a really long time.
do you want to know why?
because of  jesus christ,
my savior&redeemer.
these past couple of weeks 
i have spent the time getting to
really know christ. because i 
needed to make a couple of large changes
in my life. and have felt that he was the
only one who could really help me.
i spent months wait no, more like a year 
dwelling on something so stupid. it ruined me,
because i became unhappy & lost my sense of 
worth. i lost hope, but through christ, 
my hope has been restored. 
 restored (verb) 
1. bring back; reinstate.
2. return (someone or something) to 
a former condition, place or position.
jesus christ, the savior of the world 
has truly helped me become a better person.
in my following posts, i will now post about my
journey through happiness.
why? because life is meant to bring joy.
so why dwell in darkness;
when you can bask in light?
i sure hope you all will stay following me.
 i really want to be a source of good for 
all of you who are struggling.

so, check in here a lot.
because i'll be posting almost everyday,
sharing my thoughts with you, and 
scriptures i believe can help. 
& i will be positive. 
because i am strong enough to be.
have a good night.


Tom Petersen said...

You're such a good example to me angela.

SavSki said...

Always remember that darkness is not a substance. It is only the absence of light. :)

amanda grace peterson. said...

I adore this blog. I feel like I can relate to you so much, and love your insights. Just thought I'd let you know!

amanda grace peterson. said...

I love this blog. I feel like I relate to you so much, and love your insights. Just thought I'd let you know!