the chapters.



I feel like I dwell on the past too much. I'm always thinking of ways I could've changed a situation and it kills me. I definitely put too much thought into what I could have done differently for various situations.

All I want to say to you, is I really have no clue what went wrong. Or why you suddenly felt the need to drop me as a friend. I don't know why I was no longer good enough to be in your life. And I guess I'll never understand what i could've done to fix our friendship, to fix us.

I beat myself down everyday because of it. Too many questions, without any answers or explanations. I am mostly confused with the fact that I was once a sufficient friend for you, but months later, no longer was.

I really don't know if I'll get over what happened between us, and I'm sorry I keep bringing it up but I really can't help it.

I love ron pope, & his lyrics;
go ahead and justify yourself to anyone who cares to listen.

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